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The Community Partners of Western New York

The Community Partners of Western New York is a Performing Provider System that includes over 100 healthcare agencies encompassing the Catholic Health System and over 1,000 physicians from across the region. They are working on 10 projects outlined by the State of New York.

Currently, Rural AHEC is contracted with the CPWNY to collect information on the current workforce. This information will help the PPS to assess what jobs are in demand today and what changes may take place in as the healthcare systems transforms over the next five years. This will help them create a road map for training and moving forward.

The projects they are working on include the following:
  • Integrated Delivery System
  • Emergency Department Triage
  • Care transition for chronic health conditions
  • Expand Usage of Telemedicine
  • Integration of primary care and behavioral health services
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Maternal and Child health Care
  • Integration of Palliative Care (specialized medical care)
  • Promote Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Well-being
  • Promote tobacco cessation

As progress takes place on the initiative, we will update this post and add additional resources and information. For now, please click on the CPWNY icon to visit their homepage.

To learn more about the DSRIP project please visit the Department Of Health website.



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