In 2014, the New York State Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) launched the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program to initiate the transformation of existing health care and reduce avoidable hospital use by 25% as well as to assure overall access to quality care. The plan is to create an integrated delivery system. There are 44 projects to help with this transformation. The projects will reach into clinical sites as well as the community populations.

That same year, MRT asked facilities to come together as Performing Provider Systems (PPS) to help ensure the success of the project. There are 25 PPSs in New York State; three of them are in our service area: Millennium Collaborative Care, Community Partners of Western New York and Finger Lakes.

The Millennium Collaborative Care PPS is led by the Erie County Medical Center and consists of approximately 400 partner agencies.


The Community Partners of Western New York is a Performing Provider System that includes over 100 healthcare agencies encompassing the Catholic Health System and over 1,000 physicians from across the region.


The Finger Lakes Performing Provider System (FLPPS) is a partnership comprised of 19 hospitals, 6,700 healthcare providers and more than 600 healthcare and community-based organizations in a 13 county region.