The RBHN is a consortium of partners in rural, urban, and medically underserved areas of Western New York and surrounding regions, which focuses on increasing the utilization of Health Information Technology (HIT) among public and non-profit health care providers. Through the RBHN, health care providers are granted up to a 65% subsidy on broadband circuits, equipment, and installation.



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By applying this federal subsidy to the dedicated, secure, high-speed services already offered by local service providers, the RBHN makes it easier for health care providers to connect with each other and expand their telemedicine initiatives.

How the Rural Health Care Program can help your organization

source: USAC.org

Our ultimate goal is to bolster equitable health care across the region by improving access to experienced specialty physicians and critical life-saving treatments, and by enhancing overall healthcare quality in the rural communities of Western New York. The connectivity of the major academic centers with urban and rural healthcare facilities in the region will also provide a platform for continuing education, executing clinical trials, measuring quality outcomes, and enhancing coordination of care.