WNYRBHN – Administrative Fees

What Do they Cover?

We charge administrative fees (a.k.a. “membership fees”) to cover our costs for providing participants the benefits they receive as members of the RBHN.

The administrative fees cover our ability to:

  • Secure the Letter of Agency (required by the FCC) and Member Agreement
  • Evaluate facility’s needs and determine preliminary eligibility
  • Facilitate an open & fair bidding process with the facility to select a vendor
  • Assist in negotiating rates with selected vendor(s) by leveraging the strength of the network
  • Gather account information for vendor to streamline the invoicing process
  • Work with the FCC to obtain the Funding Commitment Letter
  • Submit all FCC forms throughout the process
  • Liaison between the facility and the vendor during the build-out/installation process
  • Receive the facility’s monthly invoices, tracking the costs associated with each account
  • Calculate the subsidy plus taxes for each facility, on a monthly basis
  • Verify facility payments and invoice FCC monthly to obtain the subsidy
  • Ensure FCC payments have been received and applied correctly
  • FCC reporting, organizational reporting, etc.

Our fees are calculated by charging a percentage of the eligible recurring and nonrecurring costs of the service for which we acquire funding, with a minimum amount per facility to ensure that our administrative overhead costs are covered.

With our administrative fees, you are still able to save over 50% on your costs.