WNY RBHN Membership Benefits

WNY RBHN Benefits:

  • Up to 65% subsidy on broadband and hardware
  • Experienced staff does all the paperwork
  • Dedicated WNYRBHN staff during business hours
  • Connectivity to over 120 healthcare providers
  • Discount on ATHOS courses¬†
  • Discounts on various business partners


Potential Uses:

  • Telemedicine Consults
  • EMR Exchange
  • Grand Rounds
  • E-Prescribing
  • Patient Education
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Anything else your organization needs broadband for


As a Network, we are also continuing to find ways to add value. We are developing features such as:

  • Master Services agreements with various vendors for telemedicine equipment, video conferencing, disaster recovery, etc.
  • Partnerships with organizations and projects that provide CME services and other educational programs, personnel training, etc.
  • Access to other grant initiatives through our agency including Health Workforce Retraining Initiative (HWRI), USDA DLT equipment, etc.